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How to How to
(MFA Thesis)

Publication, Art Direction, Photography, Print Design, Exhibition Design

Thesis Advisors

Ellen Lupton

Jennifer Cole Phillips

Abraham Burickson

Guest Critic

Silas Monroe

'How to How to’ delves into the role of instructional media in today's culture through a collection of satirical responses to Google's most frequently asked "how to" questions. The project engages critically with ubiquitous instructional content, Using the vernacular of popular instructional graphic design, and employing humor and joy to subvert and satirize the perceived authority and power structures inherent in instructional content. I invite viewers to question the impact instructional media has on the way we consume— and understand—information. This project contributes to a broader conversation about design’s role in establishing authority, it exists as an Exhibition, Publication and as an online gallery.

Featured on Dezeen; 

"Ten graphic design projects"

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How to How to

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